Eugene Dolgovkyh, 
Junior Coordinator

In addition to serving as the Junior Coordinator at NCRC, Eugene serves as the Men's Coordinator and Women's Coordinator for tennis at the New Canaan Field Club during the summer.  Previous roles include teaching positions at the Trumbull Racquet Club and Sconset Casino in Nantucket. 

Eugene is an athlete scholar who remained on the Dean's List while earning his degree in Business Management and playing Division 1 tennis for the University of Central Florida (UCF) where he was ranked third in the state of Florida and 27th in the U.S. 18 and Under Division.  Through serving as captain of the UCF Varsity Tennis Team and teaching individual and team tennis, Eugene learned how to adapt to different communication styles.  His unique approach to teaching enables juniors to mold their tennis games while developing into more mature, self-disciplined people.  He finds it rewarding to share his methodology for beating opponents without the help of coaching during a match.

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