Winter Session (15 weeks) January 14th - April 22nd

Junior Clinics

When kids have fun playing tennis they want to keep playing and improving.

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Junior Clinics

Our youth clinics use shorter courts, slower-moving balls, and adapted teaching techniques according to age, skill, and ability. We want to make the game of tennis fun so that kids learn faster and with greater success.

Red Robins (Ages 3-5)

This is a hands-on 45-minute clinic designed for preschool age children introducing them to the game of tennis. Our experienced instructors are certified in USTA 10 & under protocol including using smaller courts and innovative lesson plans to keep your child motivated and engaged.

Red Raiders (Ages 5-8)

This 60-minute hands-on clinic focuses on building skills while having fun. Instructors are certified in USTA 10 & under protocol. Class uses 36’ courts to keep the ball in your child’s strike zone ensuring proper grip and technique. Innovated lesson plans and familiar games are adapted to keep everyone having fun.

Orange Crush (Ages 9-10)

This 60-minute clinic makes it easy and fun to get in the game. Instructors are certified USTA 10 & under protocol using innovative lesson plans to keep your child motivated and energized. Class is broken up into subgroups based on experience. We use low compression balls to facilitate waist level ground strokes, better top spin, continental grip volleys, and court awareness.

Green Hornets (Ages 10-12)

This 60-minute hands on clinic is for low to advanced intermediate players. Class is broken into subgroups based on skill level. We focus on emphasizing mechanics and consistency. Players use green dot balls to develop and improve their ground strokes, lobs, overheads, and approach volleys.

ATP (Ages 13 - 17)

This 90-minute hands on clinic uses yellow balls and is designed for beginner and intermediate level players. We customize drills to improve fitness and footwork. Emphasis on stroke mechanics, power, spin, and depth control. Simulated match play to develop game plan strategy and stroke variety.