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Robin Fortin
Pickleball Coordinator

We are excited to welcome Robin Fortin as NCRC’s Pickleball Coordinator. Robin
has been playing USTA tennis for many years and captained her 4.0 team to
Nationals, but got hooked (liked most people) on pickleball when introduced
to it several years ago. She began playing socially and then competitively, winning several medals in the mixed and women’s categories. Her “pickleball obsession” led her to become a Certified Professional
Pickleball Instructor and now Coordinator at NCRC.

Robin was formerly President and CEO of her own children’s accessory company, Media Supervisor at the world’s largest ad agencies and perennial board member for several Weston sports clubs. She is also a certified tai chi and Ageless Grace instructor.

Robin will bring her love of pickleball to NCRC and is sure to turn you into a pickleball lover, too.

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