Antonio "TC" Passarelle
Tennis Professional

TC is certified to teach 10 and Under Tennis at NCRC and also works as the Tennis Camp Coordinator at Woodway Country Club in Darien during the summer, where he makes the most of his gift for connecting with children.  A Norwalk-native, TC earned his nickname, which is short for "tennis coach," by emerging as a shining star from the inaugural year of the Norwalk Grassroots Tennis (NGT) program.  As a passionate member of the NGT Junior Executive Committee, he continues to inspire at-risk students to learn goal-setting, responsibility and achievement through tennis and education. 

TC, who started playing tennis at six, enjoys introducing children to the joys of the game.  It brings him back to his own childhood when he sees fresh minds approach the sport with curiosity and a desire to learn.  Even during his years on the high school tennis team, he spent his practice time teaching his coach and his peers how to play.  "I am tennis," explains TC, who is dedicated to further improving his game and his teaching methods by following in the footsteps of his mentors - Art Goldblatt, David Kimani and Chuck Milot.

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