Weekly Drop In Classes

Summer Session June 17 - July 25

Get a great workout, meet new people, and improve your game. Find a date and time that works for you and reserve your spot.

Monday Night Men’s Challenge $40.00 pp

Men’s 4.0+ doubles night. Including pizza and beer every Monday. This league will have a cap of 20 men with an up and down the river format with rotating partners each round.

Cardio Tennis $35.00 pp

This class is a full body workout with a wide range of drills and exercises designed to improve your tennis game and get your heart rate pumping. All levels are welcome; our pros are skilled at creating the right challenge for each player’s ability and fitness level.

Point Play $45.00 pp

This is a fast paced class combining the aerobic workout of cardio tennis and the competitiveness of match play.

Power 120 $70.00 pp

This high energy class includes cardio, stroke development, and situational tennis for each specific level of play. This class is a great way to meet new players with the same playing ability while sweating it out on the court.

Men’s 4.0 + Singles League $60.00 pp

Put your skills to the test during our summer men’s singles league. Every Sunday player’s will play 2, 1 hour matches.